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Mousse is a versatile foam hair-styling product that can be used on most hair types with great success. When it's first dispensed from its aerosol housing, mousse is a foam that closely resembles delicate whipped cream - but once you put it in your hair, it magically disappears while amping up the volume.

Mousse comes in a few varieties, and can be used on curly hair, straight hair and especially on hair in need of a little volume. You can buy inexpensive mousse at essentially any drugstore, or you can select moderately priced mousse at the salon.

Apply mousse to wet hair and allow it to air dry, and you'll sport a "wet" look throughout the day. This is a common look with curly hair, and can actually feel crunchy to the touch.

For a softer effect, apply mousse to wet hair and then blow dry. This helps give hair a boost in the volume department, and allows you a bit more control over your style.

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair or fine hair, there's a mousse out there for you. Hair length also does not matter. One word to the wise: if you have naturally dry hair and you want to try mousse, make sure to get one that does not contain alcohol, but instead, is rich in vitamins and natural conditioners.

Mousse for curling hair

If you have curly hair, you'll want to look for a mousse product specifically for your hair type. This is because other mousse on the market is made to separate hair and add volume, while curling mousse is formulated specifically for your unique hair texture.

Make sure your mousse does not contain alcohol, as mousse for other hair types may. The alcohol can sap natural oils from your hair and dry it out, resulting in a frizzy offense. Look for a mousse with vitamins and conditioners, instead.

Budget Friendly Curling Mousse: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl
Boosting Mousse

Give your hair a twist with this French lavender and jade extract formula. It's lightweight, so it gives your hair bounce while shutting out humidity.
Good for curls and waves.

Upper Cusp Curling Mousse: AG Mousse Gel Extra-Firm

Use this mousse to get curls that last all day. Not even the heavy Louisiana bayou air could take these curls out, baby! This one's ideal for scrunching and drying. Provides shine and conditioning for short, medium and long curls.

for Straightening Hair

You use straightening mousse if you want your hair to stay straight all day. This mousse works by weighing down the hair follicles, and locking out moisture from sweat, rain and humidity to prevent curl or frizz from creeping in.

If you're going to be flat ironing hair, prep beforehand with a good straightening mousse. If you have naturally straight hair that's prone to frizz in humidity, slather on a bit of this before you blow dry to see how it does.

Budget Friendly Straightening Mousse: John Freida Take Charge Style-Managing Mousse

This mousse gives you the best of both worlds. Straighten hair, or change your mind, and scrunch and air dry for curls. Whatever your mood, this mousse lets you choose your style. Leaves hair silky and smooth, plus, it's alcohol-free.

Upper Cusp Straightening Mousse: Caviar Non-Aerosol Mousse by Alterna

Now you can get the control you need over your hair without the aerosol container. This mousse is light and airy, and gives lasting hold and protection from heat styling. It's free of parabens, gluten, synthetic color, DEA, TEA and a host of other troubling chemical ingredients.

Plus, Caviar hair products are clinicially proven to reduce the signs of aging in hair. After just one use, you'll notice improved texture, shine and softness.

Mousse for Volumizing Hair

Since oil typically causes hair to lie flat and listless on top of the head, it makes sense that mousse intended to give your locks a little boost would be alcohol laden. This is because the alcohol pulls oils from the hair, which makes each strand lighter. It also coats each strand of hair and then expands. When you coat your whole head in volumizing mousse, this causes all your hair strands to expand and push against one another - hence, volume is formed.

Since volumizing mousse contains alcohol, it's so important for girls with dry hair or curls to stay away from this type of mousse. For the rest of you out there, apply to damp hair, then blow dry and style, and you have instant volume!

Budget Friendly Volumizing Mousse: TRESemmé Thermal Creations Mousse

This mousse volumizes hair while you heat style. It has polymers that melt in the proximity of heat. This helps make your hair easier to work with and style when blow drying. This mousse will add volume very quickly.

Per TRESemme's website, the best way to use Thermal Creations Mousse is to apply 2 to 3 drops, run the mousse all the way through your hair, then blow dry upside down with a round brush.

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