Last Updated: September 27, 2013, 10:25 am


Oh Snap! Must-take pictures of baby
It’s easy to get snap-happy when you’ve got a super-cute new baby in you life.

Top sex drive killers
As every busy woman knows, the day can seem never-ending. Between spending hours at the office, taking care of the house, getting your kids situated (if you have them), and working out something for dinner… hopping into bed at the end of the day only means one thing… SLEEP.

'Sugar gel' helps premature babies
Dextrose gel treatment costs just over £1 per baby and is simpler to administer than glucose via a drip, say Prof Jane Harding and her team at the University of Auckland.

'Dramatic' drop in global HIV infections
The number of HIV infections and Aids-related deaths has fallen dramatically, according to a UN report.

Daytime naps 'can boost learning'
Getting young children to take an hour-long nap after lunch could help them with their learning by boosting brain power, a small study suggests.

Six things women do to push men away
When it comes to dating disasters, do you ever wonder, "What went wrong?" or "Why did he break up with me?"

3 biggest mistakes women make in the bedroom
Who doesn't need to spice up their bedroom routine every once in a while? You love your partner and assume he'll initiate sex, so it's all good, right? Not so fast!

Five signs to know he'll be good in bed
So you’ve got a new beau and you’re trying to decide if you should take your budding bond to the next level... in the bedroom.

6 tips for spotting your soul mate
It’s hard to use the term “soul mate” without feeling like you should be wearing a cape and meditating over a crystal.

Humans 'sniff 10 types of smell'
The thousands of aromas humans can smell can be sorted into 10 basic categories, US scientists say.

Economic crisis 'linked to suicides'
The recent economic crisis could be to blame for an increase in suicide rates in Europe and America, say experts.

7 Things women want in bed
Just about every sexist cliché will tell you that women are hard to please, both in and out of the bedroom.

Public restroom soap dirtier than toilet water - research
Everyone should wash their hands after using the restroom, right? However, a team of scientists says the hygienic practice may not be as clean as thought.

Stop trying so hard to impress women!
Perhaps you have found out the hard way that trying to impress women we consider hot and sexy does not help. Perhaps you are still on your journey to discovery.

Testicle size 'link to father role'
A link between the size of a father's testicles and how active he is in bringing up his children has been suggested by scientists.

Can revenge help your career?
Footballers do better against teams that trade them — and office workers may too.

Nurses warned about nail extensions
Nurses have been warned about wearing nail extensions and using nail polish after a poll suggested infection control was being put at risk by fashion-conscious NHS staff.

Five foods to increase your libido
When it comes to feeling frisky these days, many women simply don't. It isn't because they don't want to. They do, but many find themselves simply not being "in the mood" for romance.

Is losing virginity later, better?
The age at which you lose your virginity is more than just something to debate and joke about among friends. It may actually have some bearing on the quality of your love life and how long your relationships last.

How a poor economy affects sex life
Men are interesting creatures. They have a magical ability to tune us out when the game is on TV.

Lack of sleep can make you fat -Study
A lack of sleep not only increases tiredness and irritability - it can also expand your waistline.