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17th international conference on AIDS, STDs to be held in South Africa
From: Ghana | GNA          Published On: March 29, 2013, 06:00 GMT
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 17th international conference on AIDS, STDs to be held in South Africa
The Director General of the Ghana Aids Commission (GAC), Dr Angela El-Adas has announced that the 17th International Conference on AIDS and Sexual Transmitted disease in African (ICASA) will be held in South African on December 11 2013.

She noted that the ICASA 2013 which would be organised by the Society for AIDS in African will provide a forum for exchanging knowledge, publishing strategic information on HIV and AIDS, updating skills as well as consolidating experiences and best practices both in African and across the world.

She made this known during a press conference on the ICASA 2013, which was hosted by South Africa’s High Commissioner in Ghana.

Dr EI-Adas said the ICASA would also provide a platform to strengthen participation of the scientific community, civil society organisations, the private sector, persons living with HIV (PLHIV) and key populations towards an effective response on the continent.

She said ICASA 2013 would take stock of progress made towards 2015 targets and also create opportunities to define priorities beyond 2015, towards a sustained response to HIV in Africa with the theme “Now More than Ever Targeting Zero”.

She noted that “a number of illustrious Ghanaians will address international audiences and share the best practices with the world”.

Dr EI-Adas said the GAC would hold data analysis and abstract wring workshops next month to assist the young emerging researchers, ‘which is scheduled for September 10-13, and also serve as a dress rehearsal for the less experienced presenters at ICASA.

Mr Girmay Haile, Country Director of United Nation of AIDS (UNAIDS) stated that it is evidently clear that HIV infection can easily turn into a rapid epidemic if it is not checked and prevented.

“We have reached a point in African today where we can say we are emboldened enough to say.”End the Epidemic, Zero down to zero!”, because the end of the epidemic is in sight.”

“Every time you have pockets of populations who are at high-risk to new HIV infection it means that you have a tap that has not been closed. it is true that civilisation goes through a change process, at that times painstakingly slow, nevertheless, change must come,” he maintained.

He called on the ICASA to highlight on the need to foster active and sustainable impact to reduce the effects of HIV and AIDS in Africa and around the world.

He said stakeholders, including political leaders, parliamentarians, government minsters and all heath services and Social welfare to come together to fight HIV AIDS in Africa.

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