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Oh Snap! Must-take pictures of baby
From: ivillage.com          Published On: September 9, 2013, 08:23 GMT
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Oh Snap! Must-take pictures of baby

It’s easy to get snap-happy when you’ve got a super-cute new baby in you life. What’s less easy? Actually capturing photo-album-worthy moments that make you smile, melt, tear and laugh out loud. Here, the 17 shots we think deserve to be taken of every little bundle of love.

It’s really flippin’ hard to get the whole family to sit still, look forward and smile. So don’t bother! Instead, lay down and let your feet be the star of the show.

Snuggle up and shoot
Some of the silliest and most precious moments happen when the whole brood is lounging in bed. Don’t worry about looking at the camera -- or looking perfect. Just lie so you and day are head to head and have everyone fill in around you. Simply snuggle and ask a friend to snap the scene from directly above.

Take a better belly picture
Now you see it, now you really see it! Snap the ultimate before and after moment. It also makes the perfect birth announcement picture.

Profiles of love
Nose-to-nose makes the big-little comparisons lovely and sweet.

Sweet dreams
Before babies smile for-real, they smile in their sleep. It is heart melting.

Swoon over both your babes
Men holding babies are hot. Your man holding your baby: Melt. No shirtlessness or even heads needed: Simply seeing manly hands cupping a teeny baby tush is enough.
Oh Snap! Must-take pictures of baby

Do you know what makes a fresh, beautiful, brand-new baby look even more amazing? Seeing her in the arms of the eldest members of the family.

Light up the holidays
Santa’s hat, reindeer headband, “My First Christmas” bib: These are all perfectly fine ways to mark the official “baby’s first Xmas” moment. But using a simple string of white lights instead says “holiday” while shedding a beautiful glow over the whole scene. Perfect.

Soapy shoot
Bubbles and babies! Fold up some soft and squishy washcloths behind your bug’s head to make her comfy and happy. And don’t expect baby’s-first-bath to be this cute. Give her a chance to warm up, so to speak, but be ready when it happens!

Get a load of me, get a load of you
There’s something so special about the way a new mama gazes at her babe. Capture it. (PS: Laying down makes everything easier.)

Being the big sib
Becoming a big sister or brother is big news. Capture the nice-to-meet-you moment in all its intimate detail. Simply put the pair in a cozy and safe spot and allow the bonding to begin.

Make a silly face
Winking. Drooling. Smirking. Grimacing. Babies have 1001 amazing faces. Don’t shy away from capturing the less-than-smiley ones!

Let her eat cake
First birthdays are not the time for neat. Set the sweet treat in front of the birthday babe, step away, aim that camera and cheer like you are at the craziest hot dog eating contest in the world!

Call it puppy love
Before love, before marriage, before that baby carriage came your very first child -- of the four-legged variety. Together, they bring double the smiles.

You want a guaranteed goofy-as-all-get-out baby face? Wait till he stretches.

Ride on, little man
Whether it’s a favorite push toy, a car, a lovie or a doll, snap your little guy with his most adored toy.

Capture the details
While you’d never think to take a picture of your husband’s ear or your best friend’s belly button, when it comes to babies there is too much beauty in the small things to neglect these details. (We love collaging all the bits and pieces together.)

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