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Adom TV's Barima Nkwan: How “DSP” Kofi Sarpong stormed the kitchen
From: Ghana|Myjoyonline|Edwin Appiah|edwin.appiah@myjoyonline.com          Published On: September 2, 2013, 11:50 GMT
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Adom TV's Barima Nkwan: How “DSP” Kofi Sarpong stormed the kitchen

Adjoa looks on admiringly as Kofi Sarpong cooks

“DSP” Kofi Sarpong sang his way to the market to buy foodstuff for his impending cooking assignment. He joins the limited league of people who usually pay below the market price whenever they visit the market (footballers and maybe pastors make the list). For such people, the fame or talent pays the rest of the price.

The promoted policeman (he is now Superintendent of Police) who also promotes the word of God through his songs, was the guest cook on Adom TV’s Barima Nkwan. The program is organized to promote the cooking skills of men in various professionals fields.

The program shows what has become a 21st century reality - men cook. Repeat. Men cook. If a woman’s place is in the kitchen then well,she is stuck there at night too. And where does that leave you? Stuck in the bedroom alone in this cold September weather.

So Adom TV and Royco got an idea for you - why not walk over into the kitchen and help her cook? “DSP” Kofi Sarpong is going to show you how.

He would be preparing Konkonte and groundnut soup. Bold attempt,a dangerous cooking stunt. You are finished if your groundnut soup goes horribly wrong. You would have to look for your National Health Insurance card in a desperate episode of curing a running stomach.

But hey, this is "DSP" Kofi Sarpong and for a policeman who takes risk in the street, taking a risk in the kitchen is a small storm.

Konkonte is prepared with dried cassava roots that has been pounded into flour and served as a thick porridge. It is often enjoyed with a specially prepared soup called "nkantenkwan". After preparation, Konkonte becomes brownish color.

The award-winning gospel musician said he would be using ginger and onions to steam his meat. He had also picked out his groundnuts carefully, literally throwing out the bad nuts so they don’t mess up the quality of the groundnut paste. So what is it with Police and bad nuts? They manage to spot them even in the most unusual places –kitchens.
Adom TV's Barima Nkwan: How “DSP” Kofi Sarpong stormed the kitchen

Royco's Barima Nkwan comes off every Sunday at 5pm on Adom TV

And while he mashed his groundnut paste, he engaged the host, Adom TV’s Adjoa Saah in a kitchen-made conversation.

He recounted his school days when he was a much more handsome young man. The evidence being on the face of your Adom TV screen - “DSP” Sarpong has fine, athletic features.

He started grinding pepper in a way that unconsciously revealed his strong biceps. And then told a ‘How-I-Met-My-Wife” story.

Salomey was her junior in school. Calm and quiet like him. You would think that after years of policing, the only time he would need reinforcement would be when he is on some peace-keeping mission or battling a gang of thieves. But no. He needed reinforcement from his mother to finalize the romantic deal with Salomey. It appears proposing to Salomey was more difficult than convincing a suicidal terrorist to let go off a frightened hostage.

Adjoa and Kofi Sarpong had an argument over the biblical “blessed are the peace makers”. He insisted it referred to the Police. Adjoa thought that policemen who collect 1GHC from drivers ought to have a doubtful peace-making record as far as that scripture was concerned. It was a weird attempt at linking and de-linking peace with corruption.

Kofi Sarpong worked on the tilapia, slicing okros, and violently stirring a fluid Konkonte to achieve the desired thickness. The soup on the other hand was looking so promising after adding a cube of Royco. And while Royco worked its delicious way into the soup, the policeman and his beautiful host shared a song together. Marriage and cooking must be nice – if that is what that whole social arrangement is about.

As soon as he signaled food was ready, Corporal Kofi Boakye, a friend of the Superintendent was on hand to act as connoisseur.

Eating, licking their fingers, beaming with smiles as Isaac and Adjoa devoured a police-inspired Konkonte and groundnut soup whiles giving thanks to Salomey, the DSP’s wife.

Adjoa giggled and blurted out a feminine aspiration “I wish I have a man like you”.

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